2801 North Charles Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15214



Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked by group leaders. If you have questions that aren’t covered here, please contact Norma Cherilus at 412-321-1678, x533.

WHERE DO GROUPS STAY? The Pittsburgh Project’s campus includes a three-story converted school building, a renovated former church Sanctuary, and a brand-new Guesthouse, all nestled in a residential neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s North Side, across from Fowler Park and Pool, which we operate. We also run the Charles Street Café, our own specialty coffee shop on site. Our facilities serve up to 280 participants each session. For more, see About Our Campus.faq picture

WHAT DO YOU PROVIDE? Your tuition is applied to the cost of the following items:

  • Meals and lodging at our camp headquarters
  • Construction materials and tools for worksites
  • Orientation information to introduce you to the city, our neighborhood, and your service project
  • Capable staff who troubleshoot on worksites and lead all morning and evening activities
  • A Project T-shirt and plenty of fun photo opportunities

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “JUNIOR HIGH,” “SENIOR HIGH,” AND “COMBINED?” Sessions are designated for certain audiences. Junior High means entering grades 7-8. Senior High means entering grades 9-12. Combined means entering grades 7-12, but no solely junior high groups. Adult/Family means adult-only groups, or families with children age 10 and older.

WHO SUPERVISES THE PARTICIPANTS? For Junior High, Senior High, Combined, and College groups, we require that every five students be accompanied by at least one adult (21+) worksite leader. Please plan on bringing adult worksite leaders of both genders. Adult worksite leaders provide on-site and evening supervision. For all Adult/Family groups, please designate adult worksite leaders for your group. Our staff members help facilitate service projects and provide evening programming.

HOW DO YOU ARRANGE WORK CREWS? For Summer Camps for Senior High students, we assemble groups so that students get to work with peers from different churches and regions. Work crews typically consist of three pairs of students and one adult (21+) worksite leader. During other camps, we arrange participants in work crews according to the groups with which they come.

HOW DO I REGISTER MY GROUP? Download and print a copy of our Group Contract, and send it to us with the nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit for that session. We will send you written confirmation with the terms of your contract. If you are registering for multiple sessions, please photocopy that page for each additional session.

WHEN IS THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE? There is no specific registration deadline. Registration is handled on a first-come, first-served basis where your spots are not reserved until we receive your group’s signed contract and deposit. Registration remains open until we reach our maximum capacity for that session, so to ensure your preference, please register early.

IS MY GROUP’S DEPOSIT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE? Deposits for spots dropped at ANY TIME are nonrefundable; they may NOT be transferred to the remaining balance due.

WHAT’S ALL THIS ABOUT THE “FINANCIAL COMMITMENT DAY” FOR MY SESSION? The number of spots for which you have registered as of the Financial Commitment Day is the number we will use to calculate your remaining tuition due. So, if you drop spots BEFORE the Financial Commitment Day for your session, you will lose your deposit, but you will NOT be responsible for the remaining tuition for the dropped spots. If you drop spots AFTER the Financial Commitment Day for your session, you ARE responsible for the remaining tuition for all registered spots no matter how many participants you bring.

WHAT ABOUT VEHICLES? We rely on your group to bring vans and minivans (7+ capacity) to transport crews to and from worksites throughout the city. Your group’s adult (21+) worksite leaders are the drivers. Please, no buses or passenger cars.

WHO CAN PROVIDE AN INDEPENDENT REFERENCE FOR YOU? To contact trip leaders who have recently participated in our camps, please view our Reference Council in PDF.