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Youth Development


Registration now open for TPP’s Afterschool Programs!

TPP’s Afterschool programs are for young people in grades K-12. Click HERE for the latest flyer.

Interested in registering?
1) Please call Ta’lor at 412.321.1678 to verify that there is space available in your child’s grade.
2) Fill out the Registration Form and bring it in with your deposit.

Afterschool Programs

About Our Programs

We operate a progressive series of afterschool and summer programs in which young people in grades K-12 from surrounding Pittsburgh neighborhoods grow academically, relationally, and spiritually, and become prepared to transform culture and to serve neighbors.  These Youth Development programs prepare servant leaders for the future of the city and the Church.  By “servant leaders,” we mean people who take on a Christ-like leadership style which emphasizes trust, empathy, and service to others, rather than making a “me first,” hard-nosed, grab for power.  Servant leaders lead from positions of strength that are rooted in and marked by:

  • HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with adults and peers
  • A GROWING FAITH in Jesus Christ
  • TRANSFORMATION of the culture around them
  • SERVICE to others

This work is influenced by longitudinal studies performed by Search Institute, which found that of over 1,000,000 teenagers, those who had more foundational building blocks in their lives were significantly more likely to exhibit positive behavior.  We provide and nurture 25 of Search’s 40 foundational building blocks, so that young people move from risk and instability to positions of resourcefulness and strength.  As leaders are developed, our neighborhood becomes a center of life, joy, and peace, and we see glimpses of God’s kingdom in our city.